$30,000 Raised since 2011


Our biggest fundraising year ever! Wildflower didn’t win the Mudd Volleyball tournament, but we did take first place in the fundraising challenge! Wildflower raised almost $3,000 additional dollars for the Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation. It was also the first year we timed it with our National Sales Meeting, which meant we had “Flowers” playing from around the country! Several of our sponsors stayed for the tournament and played too!


Upping the ante, Wildflower achieved the next step up on the sponsorship ladder by raising more than $5,000. The continuing dedication from Wildflower’s President and CEO, Kimberly deCastro and support from HP made it possible. At the new sponsorship level, Wildflower was allowed to enter two teams in the event meaning that any Wildflower that wanted to jump in the mud would be able to participate in this unmatched opportunity for team building.

Wildflower launched its healthcare division in late 2011, and combining the new healthcare department with the Mudd Volleyball event was just too obvious to ignore. As a promotion for this new department, Wildflower asked healthcare professionals to “Digitize-Rinse-Repeat” their electronic operations by offering a contest for an iPad to anyone that would comment on the need for paperless solutions in their Dr.’s practice. The goal? To show New Mexico healthcare professionals the value of updating the technology in their practice.


Wildflower started participating in the Carrie Tingley Foundation’s Mudd Volleyball event in 2011 with just one team. Mudd Volleyball was not only a lot of fun, but became a huge opportunity for team building. It was this year that Wildflower’s President and CEO, Kimberly deCastro coined the term “Go Wild n Dirty” for the website that would be dedicated to the effort. Wildflower was excited to support this cause and its surrounding communities.

Wildflower also took part in the team fundraising challenge and raised an additional $1,854.40 for a total of $3,354.40 for the cause. On game day, the experience lived up to everything they had hoped it would be. The event not only benefited special needs children and their families, but Wildflower morale as well. At the conclusion of the effort, Wildflower took pride in playing its role in one of the largest single day fundraisers in the country, helping to raise over $500,000.